Mesa Public Schools Get Security Upgrades in Light of Uvalde

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School security has been top of mind for many people as children head back to the classroom, especially after the recent shooting in a Uvalde, Texas elementary school.

Some Valley school districts have worked to improve their safety measures.

Allen Moore is the director of security and safety for the state’s largest school district, Mesa Public Schools. It’s his job to make sure the tools and protocols are in place to prepare the schools for any potential threat.

“There’s a lot of anxiety among parents and staff with the tragedies that have happened recently,” Moore said. “Anytime there’s a tragedy, such as what happened in Uvalde, I mean, my stomach gets upset…that obviously upsets me.”

Moore said he’s been reviewing the lockdown and emergency management protocols with the Mesa Police Department and other districts to ensure they’re using the best practices available.

“Ever since Sandy Hook, we’ve been ramping up the security protocols,” he said. “We’ve been increasing safety, such as putting up fencing, to create one point of entry.”

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