Singlewire Software Announces InformaCast® Integration with Microsoft Teams

Singlewire Software releases InformaCast integration with Microsoft Teams
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Madison, Wis – Mar. 14, 2019 – Singlewire Software announces a new integration between its InformaCast Fusion software and Microsoft Teams. Teams users can initiate an InformaCast alert from Teams that is broadcast through Microsoft Teams, mobile phones, digital signage, and other connected devices. Following distribution, safety team members will receive a prompt to join a Microsoft Teams channel to collaborate and follow up on the situation.

With this new integration, Microsoft Teams users will be able to greatly extend the reach of their emergency messages,” said Pat Scheckel, EVP of Product Management at Singlewire Software. “Without ever leaving Teams, they can trigger messages that reach devices throughout their organization. This minimizes the chance that someone misses critical safety information.

InformaCast Fusion integrates with Microsoft Teams, enabling users to trigger mass notifications and collaborate during an emergency. Using InformaCast Fusion as a central emergency notification hub, organizations can tie together existing systems and devices to deploy emergency messages. Microsoft Teams offers a convenient way to trigger those messages. Teams users can initiate an InformaCast alert directly from Teams using the InformaCast bot. The bot responds with an adaptive card that can be filled out to provide details about the situation taking place. Once the card is completed, the bot will confirm the submission and send alerts through Teams, as well as all of the devices within an organization, such as IP speakers, desk phones, mobile devices, digital signage, and more.

Safety is a top concern for any organization,” said Bhrighu Sareen, General Manager, Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft Teams users will be able to leverage a mass notification solution from Singlewire InformaCast. Organizations will be able to enhance safety and collaborate to deploy an effective response to an emergency situation using the InformaCast bot.”

Following the alert distribution, key safety team members will receive a prompt to join a Teams channel where they can collaborate and follow up on the situation. In the Teams channel, users can view summaries of responses directly from InformaCast to see the effectiveness of the alert that was sent out. Follow-up messages can also be sent directly from Teams.

This release coincides with an update to InformaCast Command Center. This new feature is available in the InformaCast Fusion web interface and can be leveraged within Microsoft Teams. With Command Center, InformaCast users can quickly build and send notifications in the event of an emergency. Using easy-to-identify icons, messages can be built for common crisis scenarios, including active shooter, severe weather, evacuation, and more. Messages can be quickly populated with relevant information by answering a short series of questions when users click on the scenario icon. This functionality also works within Microsoft Teams.

About Singlewire Software
Singlewire Software, based in Madison, Wis., is the developer of InformaCast, a leading software solution for fast and reliable emergency notifications. More than 7,000 organizations in over 50 countries use InformaCast for emergency notifications and IP phone paging. Whether it’s an active shooter, severe weather, or another crisis situation, InformaCast helps reach the right people, with the right information, to increase awareness, safety, and security.