How visitor management systems support mission critical operations

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From Mission Critical

For any organization with mission-critical operations, avoiding disruptions is a must, but without understanding how and why disruptions occur, this can be a challenging task. Too often, organizations look for ways to mitigate damage caused by disruptions rather than looking for ways to stop disruptions from happening. This can be a major missed opportunity when protecting mission-critical operations, leading to costly delays and even personal harm to employees.

While it’s impossible to anticipate every incident, some of the most disruptive are caused by individuals looking to harm facilities, operations, or people. However, many organizations have no tools in place to check in and verify guests beyond a pen and paper sign-in sheet. This method offers little protection, can be easily bypassed or faked, and provides little value should an incident take place. Without the ability to identify potential threats and block their entry, organizations have a gaping vulnerability.

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