Providing Personal Protection for Teachers with Wearable Devices

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From Campus Security & Life Safety

In an ideal world, one touch would be all it takes for a teacher to alert school safety teams that they are in danger. However, the reality is that teachers often must be in a specific place to press a button or must remember a series of steps to activate an alert. This can mean precious seconds are wasted when time is of the essence, which can ultimately impact teacher and student safety.

With legislation like Alyssa’s Law gaining steam across the country, and more states making funds available to acquire safety solutions following tragedies like the shooting in Uvalde, campuses are looking for tools that provide quicker, more personalized methods for alerting people about emergencies. The more quickly an alert goes out, the sooner the right people can be made aware of a dangerous situation and begin sending assistance. Solutions that offer more immediate alert capabilities create safer campus environments and emphasize the priority a campus puts on safety.

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