Singlewire Software Adds Integration with RapidDeploy to Strengthen Emergency Response Solutions for Schools

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Madison, Wis. – Feb. 29, 2024 – Singlewire Software, the leader in solutions that help keep people safe and informed, announces its integration partnership with RapidDeploy, the leader in cloud-native technology solutions for public safety, to enhance emergency response capabilities for schools. By integrating Singlewire’s award-winning InformaCast technology with RapidDeploy’s next generation 911 (NG911) Radius Mapping solution, the companies aim to empower public safety to respond swiftly and effectively to critical incidents, enhancing the safety and security of students, faculty and staff.

The collaboration between RapidDeploy and Singlewire will enable Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to seamlessly integrate panic button alert notifications from InformaCast into RapidDeploy’s Radius Mapping platform. Data from InformaCast panic button notifications, which can include location information, will be delivered to local 911 agencies when a panic alarm is activated, enhancing situational awareness and expediting emergency response efforts during school-related incidents.

“School safety is a top priority for public safety across the U.S., and our partnership with Singlewire underscores our commitment to provide schools with the tools and technologies they need to protect their communities,” said Steve Raucher, CEO of RapidDeploy. “By integrating Singlewire’s InformaCast panic button solutions with RapidDeploy, we are providing a single platform for all emergency notification solutions, allowing schools and first responders to streamline response efforts and reduce response times. The safety and well-being of our schools is of critical importance, and this feels like one step closer to safer schools and communities.”

InformaCast is a mass notification and incident management platform that enables schools to deliver intrusive, attention-getting audio, text, and visual alerts throughout their buildings and to people’s mobile devices. With its robust incident management capabilities, InformaCast empowers schools to respond effectively to emergencies with prebuilt messages, real-time insights, virtual collaboration, and reporting.

“Being able to connect directly to the PSAP gives schools a considerable advantage when responding to crisis events,” said Terry Swanson, president and CEO of Singlewire Software. “Our partnership with RapidDeploy combines two powerful safety solutions, enabling schools to enhance their emergency response capabilities and better protect students, teachers, and first responders.”

The integration partnership between RapidDeploy and Singlewire aligns with the immediate market need to align with school safety regulations, such as Alyssa’s Law, by delivering enhanced emergency 911 response capabilities to schools. As school-related emergencies continue to rise, the integration of InformaCast panic button alert data directly into the RapidDeploy Radius Mapping solution will play a crucial role in improving communication and situational awareness during critical incidents.

Through this partnership, mass notifications can be initiated and response scenarios activated in a threat. This offers advantages not only to schools but also to businesses, government agencies, retail establishments, healthcare facilities and public venues that may need to initiate lockdowns and security measures for their facilities.

For more information about RapidDeploy and Singlewire’s partnership, see our blog post on the power of Common Alert Protocol for emergency response.

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