Notification with Webex Messaging

Comprehensive emergency notification and incident management using InformaCast and Webex Messaging


Cisco Partner Integrator


With InformaCast, users send emergency notifications to a wide variety of devices. InformaCast also integrates with Webex Messaging to simultaneously bring key personnel into a Webex to manage crisis situations.


911 Call Alerting/Recording



InformaCast sends an emergency notification when 911 is called and brings the security team in Webex Messaging to review the recorded audio call.

Tackle Severe Weather



InformaCast sends automated weather alerts to policyholders and brings the claims response team together in Webex Messaging to manage the situation.

Alerts with Chat Commands



When your emergency response team is collaborating in Webex Messaging, you can trigger an InformaCast critical notification alert right from the chat window, using command shortcuts.