Software Release Communications

Singlewire Software releases updated applications on a regular basis. Notice of an upcoming release, which includes new features and bug fixes, is emailed to customers approximately two weeks before the scheduled release date. For real-time information about the status of our InformaCast Mobile/Fusion platform and other services, see

InformaCast exposes its powerful representational state transfer (REST) application programming interface (API), allowing you to combine your existing technology with a notification component that also allows for confirmation and escalations. Most operations supported by InformaCast can be achieved through API requests, which use the standard HTTP verbs of POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE to create, read, update, and delete resources (although not all verbs are available for all resources), and new content is being added with each release.

Singlewire strives to make any API changes backward compatible with previous releases of InformaCast, but it is sometimes necessary to change our API in ways that may require customers to make changes to their scripts. View InformaCast API Documentation in the Singlewire Support Community.

As a courtesy to our customers and to provide the time needed to make any script updates, these changes are posted to the API Developer Announcements Group in the Singlewire Support Community approximately five weeks before the release date.

Singlewire recommends regular testing of your InformaCast service, especially after a release. See Planning and Completing Your Fusion Server Upgrades, and Best Practices for Testing.

December 2020