InformaCast FAQ

Dive deeper into how InformaCast works, how to purchase it, and how to best implement with these frequently asked questions.


What is InformaCast?

InformaCast is an emergency mass notification system that sends critical messages to on-premises devices and mobile users, helping keep people safe — by providing notification solutions for every need.


How do I purchase InformaCast?

You can contact Singlewire at [email protected] or at +1 608.661.1140 or contact your Singlewire Territory Manager directly. 

If you have an existing relationship with a Cisco reseller partner, we encourage you to purchase through them.


Isn't it enough to reach people on their mobile phones?

No. Reaching people solely on their mobile phone is insufficient. You will miss 20% to 30% of your people. (Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Vol. 8 Issue 1) How many people have their cell phones on silent? Inaccessible? Are in a bad coverage area? Are there people for whom you have some responsibility, but you don't even have their mobile phone numbers? InformaCast offers notification solutions.

To achieve the level of speed and reach that's necessary to keep your people safe, you need to send to both mobile phones AND on-premises devices. 


Where can I use InformaCast?

InformaCast mass notification system is currently used in a variety of industries around the world. BusinessesK-12 schoolsuniversitieshealthcare facilitiesmanufacturing plantsgovernment buildings and retail all use our emergency notification solutions to send a mass notification. InformaCast offers extreme flexibility to meet customers’ needs, regardless of the environment.


When would I use InformaCast?

InformaCast is used whenever an organization needs to reach its people with an emergency notification of critical information, quickly. From active shooter and chemical spill emergencies, to day-to-day occurrences such as severe weather and incoming deliveries, the InformaCast emergency notification system can be customized for any situation your organization may encounter.


How does InformaCast work? Who can use it?

InformaCast mass notification software has a simple interface that anyone can use, but provides permission features to ensure that the right people trigger the right message when it matters most.

With a simple user interface, InformaCast mass notification software allows you to upload users and devices you want to send messages to. Users and devices can be sorted into groups depending on what kind of situation and who needs to see the message. Messages can be pre-built with text audio and images, or built when needed. Then with the press of a button, messages are sent to groups of users via SMS text, email, phone calls and on-premises devices such as desk phones, IP speakers, desktop computers and more for maximum reach.


Why does my organization need it? 

The most important asset of any organization is its people, and their safety should be a top priority. To keep people safe, they need the right information to know what to do in the event of emergency, and they need that information as fast as possible. InformaCast emergency and mass notification system provides an easy way to reach everyone in your organization in a variety of ways to increase the likelihood they receive vital information the moment they need it.


Where can I learn more about the InformaCast Service Levels?


Emergency & Mass Notification System

InformaCast Advanced

Send a mass notification to on-premises devices throughout your building or campus.

Text Alert & Emergency Notification System

InformaCast Mobile

Use a mobile app or web console to distribute a mass notification to mobile devices that reach people away from their desks or outside the building.

Emergency Notification System Solutions

InformaCast Fusion

Provide the most complete coverage with IT alerting notifications that reach people on-premises and on mobile devices.



What 3rd-party elements work with InformaCast?

View our growing list of ecosystem partners that provide InformaCast compliant: IP speakers and clocks, strobes, call/panic buttons, contact closures, gateways, zone controllers as well as digital signage providers and 3rd-party mass notification providers.