Trigger Alerts in a Variety of Ways

When an emergency happens, notifying everyone in your organization should be as easy as pressing a button. InformaCast emergency notification system offers a variety of triggers to quickly send mass notification alerts that reach the right people.

People Triggers

Whether people are at their desks, in the building or mobile, you want to provide an easy way to send a mass notification to a large group of people when an emergency happens. With InformaCast emergency notification software, personnel can trigger alerts via:

  • Web Browser/Console
    • The InformaCast console provides a central notification system to trigger alerts from a web browser.
  • Command Center
    • The InformaCast Command Center features single-click buttons to send a mass notification for common emergency scenarios.
  • Microsoft Teams
    • Leverage safety and collaboration with Microsoft Teams and the InformaCast bot and adaptive cards. 
  • Mobile Phones (App)
    • The InformaCast Mobile app for iOS and Android can trigger an emergency notification from mobile devices to reach people during an emergency.
  • Desk Phones
    • Set up buttons and extensions to quickly activate an emergency notification.
  • Panic Buttons
    • Connect physical panic buttons or designate certain buttons on your phones to quickly send a mass notification to appropriate personnel.

System/Thing triggers

Linking to other systems and automating a mass notification can save time and increase awareness during an emergency. InformaCast offers automatic notifications utilizing:

  • Building Systems (Fire, Security, etc.)
    • The InformaCast M2M plugin can integrate with sprinkler systems, fire alarms, security systems and more to trigger a mass text and audio notification.
  • Inbound CAP/RSS
    • Set up InformaCast notification system to monitor RSS feeds from public safety organizations such as the National Weather Service and U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. The alert software also filters for specific data within the message (including geographic location) and sends an emergency notification to a group of recipients.
  • API (Flexible)
    • Use InformaCast’s REST API to integrate mass notification functionality into your existing products and services.
  • Email
    • Send an email to a designated address to set off an emergency notification.
  • IoT (Sensors & Other Systems)
    • Connect InformaCast to your Internet of Things to trigger specific alerts when certain sensors are set off.