Optimizing Code Blue Response Times


When seconds matter...

A code blue is an emergency that every medical facility needs to consider. It’s an emergency that demands an organized and timely response. That‘s why having the ability to reach specific people, without alarming others in quiet areas, and eliminating the chances of miscommunication is essential.

InformaCast can achieve all three of these by allowing staff who need to initiate a code blue to send the notification from any IP phone or computer in the building. With just the touch of a button, the code blue can be sent to any set of predefined IP phones, speakers, desktops and mobile devices with an alert that contains the room number of where the code blue was called from. All within seconds, the code blue is initiated, essential responders are notified of the code and where to respond to assist in the emergency without relying on an intermediary person accurately forwarding on the message.

Communicate effectively, respond efficiently and let InformaCast help keep your people safe and informed.


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