Why Singlewire

Protect Your People and Assets

A mass notification can help keep people safe, and Singlewire is dedicated to helping organizations get critical information into the hands of people who need it. With its cutting-edge InformaCast notification software, organizations can transform existing telephone systems into a powerful, “any-to-any” mass communication and emergency mass notification tool. It allows organizations to simultaneously connect with thousands of IP phones, PoE IP speakers, desktop clients, analog paging systems, social media sites, email, SMS text messaging systems, and a growing list of other endpoint devices.


Reduce Costs and Save Time

Singlewire InformaCast can be deployed centrally via a physical or virtual server in a data center or remotely on the edge of your network in a branch office. Singlewire InformaCast leverages the investments you’ve already made in your network, phone system, and overhead paging system, maximizing their efficiency, and saving time and money.


InformaCast notification system is the bridge that links people and devices together. When a person, system or device detects a problem, InformaCast can be triggered to immediately send a text and/or audio mass notification to a pre-configured group of people. Other systems can also be triggered and activated via the InformaCast API.

Decision Matrix

Understand what makes InformaCast from Singlewire Software stand out from any other emergency notification system to help make the right decision for your organization.

Send notifications to mobile and on-premises devices from a single interface Emergency Mass Notification System
Ecosystem partners for IP speakers, digital signage, access control systems, and more Emergency Mass Notification System
Message confirmation, escalation, and reporting from app or web console Emergency Mass Notification System
Location-based services for reaching mobile users in the right place Emergency Mass Notification System
Situation management, including Command Center, conference call and collaboration platforms like Webex Messaging and Microsoft Teams Emergency Mass Notification System
Scales well beyond 10,000 users/endpoints Emergency Mass Notification System
Easy to deploy and administer Emergency Mass Notification System
Regular, automated feature updates that enhance the functionality Emergency Mass Notification System
Rock-solid stability Emergency Mass Notification System
No dependency on Windows and SQL servers (and licenses) Emergency Mass Notification System
Hybrid cloud architecture, delivering speed and reliability Emergency Mass Notification System
Deployed by more than 7,000 customers in more than 60 countries Emergency Mass Notification System
Industry Leading Support Team (available 24/7 support for critical systems) Emergency Mass Notification System
Highly responsive and knowledgeable sales team Emergency Mass Notification System
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