Singlewire InformaCast Partners with Telecor eSeries

InformaCast and Telecor mass notification paging partner

A Powerful Notification Solution

The Telecor eSeries Network Communications System now integrates with Singlewire Software InformaCast® solutions. The partnership will allow users of both systems to simultaneously send audio streams and text messages to a variety of endpoints, and take advantage of network-based communications for intercom, overhead paging, clock synchronization, time tone signaling and emergency messaging.

“The eSeries Network Communications System and InformaCast are a natural fit for delivering messages in a variety of environments,” said Peter Jova, President of Telecor. “Our two solutions will help share critical information and enhance safety and security.”

New Level of Communications Resiliency 

InformaCast is a mass notification platform that Telecor users can employ to deliver paging announcements, broadcast pre-established audio files, send text announcements, and broadcast Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) text messages to eSeries network speakers and intercom stations. Users will also be able to use InformaCast to share text messages, schedule bells, and include buttons on Cisco phones to initiate rapid responses during emergency situations.

“Our partnership with Telecor, and the integration available with InformaCast and eSeries, offers a new level of communications resiliency,” said Pat Scheckel, senior vice president of marketing at Singlewire Software. “This combined solution will help organizations reach everyone during an emergency with clear communications.”

Enhance Communication Reliability 

InformaCast users can simultaneously send audio streams and text messages to IP phones, IP speakers, computer desktops, digital signage, SMS text, and overhead paging systems. When InformaCast is utilized with eSeries, it automatically self-configures all eSeries devices, so a WAN disturbance does not impede the ability of a local eSeries system from fully supporting local first responders. Since eSeries endpoints also operate as an autonomous system, the eSeries network can withstand multiple network subdivisions, and continue to operate automatically as a stand-alone intercom and paging system within each part of a divided network. This enhances the reliability of the overall eSeries and InformaCast communications system when it is needed most.

The eSeries Network Communication System and InformaCast are used in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, as well as government, correctional, retail, commercial, manufacturing, and sporting facilities.

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