INFOGRAPHIC: Leverage InformaCast for Improved School Communications

K-12 infographic on improved school communication using alert software

A Day in the Life of Principal Simmons

When you're a school principal, every day can bring unexpected challenges. InformaCast helps you address these challenges with minimal disruption, making for easier days, safer students, and increased peace-of-mind.

Meet Principal Simmons. He's been a principal at Cherryville Elementary for five years. He started as third grade teacher, a position he held for ten years before becoming an administrator. He loves working at the school and enjoys interacting with students and teachers. Before the district implemented InformaCast, he sometimes felt overwhelmed by his job and found it difficult to address unexpected challenges while maintaining his other duties.

InformaCast helps him feel in control and prepared when challenges arise.

InformaCast Use Cases in K12


For pennies on the dollar of what they paid for their phone system, the district implemented a Singlewire solution. InformaCast's vast array of functionality greatly improves how school officials address unexpected events. Principal Simmons no longer has to worry that his students and staff won't be protected if something unexpected happens, which lets him get back to doing the job he loves.

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