More Than Emergencies: Using InformaCast For Daily Operations


Day-To-Day Mass Notifications

We like to tout InformaCast’s ability to send mass notifications that reach everyone during an emergency, but it can also be used for other mass notification purposes that don’t need to center around an ongoing crisis situation.

Our corporate headquarters recently moved locations, which required us to take our network systems off line. The move took place over a weekend, but we wanted to be up and running by the time Monday morning rolled around, without interrupting our normal operations.

This meant we needed people to come in over the weekend to get set up and test the network in the new building. However, we had to make sure people were alerted in a timely manner. So Singlewire decided to leverage its own InformaCast mass notification software to keep employees informed about the progress of the office move.

Mass Notification for Business

Planning Ahead Saves Time and Headaches

With InformaCast we were able to build a group that would reach all local employees with regular updates of the move throughout the weekend through SMS text messages on their mobile devices. Messages were planned ahead of time, so when certain progress checkmarks were met regarding the move, those messages could be sent immediately.

InformaCast also provided a means to adapt on the fly. No move is perfect, and as unforeseen obstacles appeared, messages could be easily altered to provide accurate information to employees. This included letting people know that while systems were not up and running at the original planned time, employees could come in and begin unpacking.

Reaching Everyone—Whenever, Wherever

“The biggest advantage of using InformaCast was being able to reach people wherever they were,” said Brett Rimkus, CFO of Singlewire Software, who managed the move. “We made people aware of expectations, but knew they could be out running errands or doing other activities over the weekend. We also didn’t want people to have to be constantly checking their email.”

This proved to be a successful strategy, because even though there were challenges with getting IT systems up and running over the weekend, everyone was able to settle into their new work spaces. By the time Monday morning rolled around, all employees were able to connect to the network and resume normal business operations.

Testing Ensures Effectiveness

As a best practice, Singlewire recommends performing regular testing of your notification effectiveness. Rather than performing only test notifications, consider using InformaCast for more day-to-day activities in your organization. Using it on a regular basis for mass notification purposes, helps ensure the system is working properly and reaching the right people in your organization. This helps relieve the anxiety when a crisis occurs, because you already know the system is working as intended.

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