Cancel Notifications from Anywhere in Latest InformaCast Release

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How to Cancel Notifications

At Singlewire Software, we know that one of the best ways to add value to our InformaCast software is by listening to our customers that are using it every day. That’s why we’ve added one of the most requested features for InformaCast Fusion in our latest software update. InformaCast Fusion users can now cancel ongoing notifications via multiple methods when configured in Message Templates. Notifications can be canceled directly from the InformaCast web interface, as well as the InformaCast app on a mobile phone or inputting a dial code on an IP phone. This offers users more flexibility for where and when they can cancel notifications and makes it easier for people who may not be as familiar with using InformaCast to cancel an alert. Organizations can leverage this new feature for recurring or looping notifications like fire alarms that are broadcast repeatedly to on-premises devices.

This is just one of the new features and enhancements available with this update of InformaCast Fusion. Continue reading to learn more.

Additional Updates

Other features in this release of InformaCast Fusion include:

  • New Incident Status Area. Incident managers can now quickly view the states of their incidents from the Details screens of their mobile devices. Along with incidents’ states, managers can also see the date and time incidents began (or ended) and the names of the sites where incidents are occurring (if applicable).
  • New Notifications Icon and Dropdown Menu. When clicked, the new Notifications icon in the blue header of the Administration Console displays the Notifications dropdown menu, which allows you to view and cancel your active notifications and view and expire your past notifications.
  • A New and Improved User Interface for All Settings Menu Options. All of the menu options under Admin | Settings are now using InformaCast Fusion’s new UI. In addition to the new look, several menu options that were separate have been merged onto one page with multiple tabs. (Full list available in the release notes)
  • Updated Monitoring to Use Newer NWS RSS Feed. Inbound CAP’s default monitoring of the National Weather Service’s RSS feed has been updated to use their newer RSS feed, and monitoring for the older RSS feed has been turned off.

Full release notes are available here.

More New Features

InformaCast Fusion users are encouraged to visit the “What’s New” page in the Singlewire Support Community where they will find a catalog of highlights from previous InformaCast releases. This is a quick and easy way to catch up on any updates you may have missed and discover features that you can begin taking advantage of.