Keeping Schools Safe with Cisco, Jabber and InformaCast

Safer schools with Cisco and InformaCast emergency notification system

Combined Solutions Lead to Safer Schools

At ISC West 2016, Cisco conducted a demonstration to show how these systems work together to alert school officials of potentially dangerous situations occurring in their school. Whether it’s an unwelcome visitor at the school entrance, or a teacher in need of assistance in his or her classroom, Cisco and Singlewire are providing schools with solutions that enhance safety and awareness during an emergency.

In the demonstration, Cisco illustrates how connected systems make it easy for front desk personnel to assess situations and ask for assistance if they feel there is an issue. With schools using a single, gated entryway, visitors need to press an access intercom to enter the building. Certain access devices also come with cameras to capture the image of the person at the entrance. With that image, the person at the front desk can either grant the visitor access or ask for assistance if they think the visitor should not be allowed in the school. 

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If assistance is needed, the image is sent onto a security team, who can then pull up security camera footage and take the appropriate next steps to decide if authorities should be alerted.

The Cisco system also keeps an email log every time the door access button is pushed capturing the time and image of the person looking to enter the building.

Teacher Assistance

If a teacher is having an issue in the classroom he or she can simply press a button on their Cisco phone and send an InformaCast broadcast to alert security. With the InformaCast integration, security can be alerted at their work station and through their Jabber client if they are mobile. They can also pull up the nearest security camera to get a live video feed to help assess the situation.

Send Notifications to Cisco Jabber

The solutions from Cisco and InformaCast also offer the option to cancel or give the all clear for alerts if a button is pressed accidentally or a situation resolves itself.

By bringing together different devices, schools can better manage emergency scenarios to ensure timely responses.




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