Sending Emergency Notifications to Police Radios with InformaCast

communicate emergencies directly with police

This is the final entry in a three-part series highlighting how Cisco phones and InformaCast work together to improve school safety. Read parts one and two.

Communicate Directly with Police

When an emergency occurs, schools depend on a quick police response to help manage the situation. Schools need tools that communicate directly with law enforcement officials to efficiently request assistance.

Local police often donate a radio to schools to provide a direct line of contact. As Kevin Holcomb, Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco, explains in this video, Cisco and InformaCast help school officials reach law enforcement quickly during a crisis.





Ensure Quick Response Times

Having this direct line of communication, helps remove the panic factor during emergencies. With InformaCast and Cisco phones, users can configure buttons on their phones that automatically send messages over police radio frequencies using the Cisco Instant Connect service. Messages can include a request for assistance, the name of the school and its address.

If a school does not have a direct line of communication to law enforcement, it can delay the response time. Without that communication channel, school officials need to dial 911 and speak with a dispatcher, who then needs to relay the information to an officer. This can add minutes to an officer’s response time, which can make all the difference in an emergency.

Cisco and InformaCast

Cisco and InformaCast are committed to providing simple solutions for K-12 schools to enhance the safety of their buildings. With emergency notifications that are easily configured and can reach law enforcement directly, schools using Cisco and InformaCast reduce response time.

InformaCast and Cisco work together to offer a wide variety of features that help ensure safe learning environments around the country. With emergency notifications that can be sent in multiple formats to devices that include mobile devices, video displays and more, InformaCast helps schools maximizing the potential of their Cisco phones.

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