Consolidating Systems to Keep Your People Safe

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Deliver consistent messages more quickly

Often, less is more. Having fewer tasks to accomplish during an emergency is one example. InformaCast mass notification software helps simplify your emergency response plan by consolidating your systems, allowing you to send notifications more quickly and with a consistent message across all platforms.

There’s a lot that goes into creating an emergency response plan. A lot of devices, a lot of different people, using a lot of different communication systems. Amid the chaos of an emergency, when seconds matter most, InformaCast can help by consolidating your devices, people, and systems into one tool that can be used with just the touch of a button so you can focus on managing the emergency and keeping your people safe.

The emergency doesn’t just end once a notification is sent out. InformaCast also helps manage the incident by giving administrators quick access to related messages, responding to the health statuses of recipients, and adding links to security feeds, checklists, updated images, and other resources as the event unfolds.

Learn how InformaCast can help consolidate your communication system and simplify your emergency response plan.