Singlewire Software Expands InformaCast Desktop Notification for Windows and Mac

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Desktop Notification Expansion

The need to reach everyone with critical information has never been more relevant for organizations trying to connect with their people, whether they are on-site or remote. The latest update for InformaCast Fusion makes this easier than ever, with new desktop notification options for Windows and Mac users. These delivery methods utilize the cloud, so recipients do not need to be on their organization’s network to receive the alert.

Windows and Mac devices like desktops and tablets can now receive InformaCast Fusion notifications when the InformaCast app is installed. The InformaCast app acts as a conduit between InformaCast Fusion and these devices, pushing notifications to the device through Apple Push Notification services (APNs) or Windows Push Notification Services (WNS). These devices can also be included in areas of interest either through Windows’ or Mac’s discovery of their locations through their Location Services or an assigned location. The app is available in the Apple and Windows app stores for download but requires an InformaCast Fusion subscription to work.

Resource Copy Functionality

In addition to new desktop notification methods, InformaCast Fusion users will be able to take advantage of a new copy feature for details of existing notification resources instead of having to create similar new ones from scratch. When a user copies a resource, everything about it will be copied, and the resource’s name will have “(Copy)” appended to it. If domains are enabled, the copied resource will be placed in the same domain as the original resource, although it can be promoted or demoted. The following resources can be copied:

  • Distribution lists
  • Device groups
  • Message templates
  • Confirmation requests
  • Notification profiles
  • Scheduled notifications
  • Ring lists
  • Bell schedules
  • Command Center scenarios
  • Security groups

This greatly reduces the workload for administrators to manage their systems more easily.

These are the two most prominent new features available in the latest update of InformaCast. View the complete release notes for this update here.