Protect Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Staff with Wearable Healthcare Panic Buttons

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Wearable Healthcare Panic Button Options

Working in healthcare can be a dangerous job. As cited by Healthcare Dive from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Workers in the healthcare and social service industries experience the highest rates of injuries caused by workplace violence and are five times as likely to get injured at work than workers overall…” Statistics like this can impact recruitment, retention, and patient care, which is why many healthcare organizations are looking for solutions to keep their workers protected on the job.

The InformaCast Personal Duress Package offers a way to leverage wearable badges and a mobile app to offer personal protection for healthcare staff while tying into existing mass notification and critical event management tools. The video below shows how this new solution works in healthcare environments, and you can continue reading for more details on how this can be leveraged in your healthcare facilities.

Instant Information

If nurses, doctors, or other healthcare staff find themselves in a situation where they encounter an unruly patient or visitor and need to request assistance, the InformaCast Personal Duress Package offers two easy-to-active options. The first is via integration with a wearable badge. This badge can be worn and has discreet buttons that can be pushed to alert hospital security teams with the employee’s name and location. This helps deploy a quick response if they find themselves in danger. Similar functionality can also be accomplished using the InformaCast app. Triggering a panic button within the app sends user information to the security team, who can also track the user’s location. This can help with incidents inside a hospital or clinic and protect employees who may work odd hours and need to walk to their vehicles by themselves late at night.

For more severe situations, healthcare organizations will also have the option to connect directly with first responders. Should an event such as an active shooter occur that requires outside assistance, wearable badges and the mobile app can be configured to send alerts to dispatchers, making them aware of a situation so they can send help.

A Well-Rounded Solution

The InformaCast Personal Duress Package is available to InformaCast Fusion customers. It works in conjunction with InformaCast’s robust mass notification and critical event management features to help provide safe working environments that deliver text and audio alerts to a wide range of devices when someone needs help.

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