Protecting Teachers and Students in the Classroom with Emergency Notification

Automated School Bell Notification System

Empowering Teachers

In a school, the top priority is providing safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. One step in achieving this goal is giving teachers the tools and training they need to protect students in the classroom. Many emergency notification solutions only offer the ability for administrators to trigger alerts, and they often either broadcast the message too wide or not wide enough. In elementary classrooms in particular, sending out a message about an emergency situation can be particularly challenging as school officials do not want to cause unnecessary fear or panic in students with an announcement.

That’s why leveraging a system that allows school officials to target specific devices and classrooms with personalized messages can make all the difference when responding to an emergency. Putting the information in the hands of the teacher to help manage a crisis and keep people safe can save time and minimize stress.

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Classroom Tools

The simplest tool can sometimes be the most effective. That’s why InformaCast emergency notification software from Singlewire Software connects to Cisco IP phones that can be used in the classroom. Administrators can connect directly with teachers in their classroom and can be as discreet or obtrusive as they want with their messages. It can be a simple tone to pick up a call, a text message that appears on the phone screen or speaker phone broadcast.

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Cisco IP phones can also be set up with easy-to-use buttons that will automatically send a message from the classroom to the people who can assist. This could be a panic button in the case of a violent or threatening event, or a medical emergency button should a student fall ill. This is a subtle way for a teacher to ask for assistance without causing unnecessary panic in the classroom. It also provides peace of mind for teachers knowing that they have easy access to assistance should they require it.

Additional Devices and Training

Beyond Cisco IP phones, InformaCast can tie into a number of helpful classroom devices to relay information about emergency situations. IP speakers with digital signage can have scrolling text, and desktop computers can have messages display in four different ways with InformaCast Desktop Notifier.

Having the information is only half the battle though. Combining cutting-edge technology with effective training is essential for creating safe learning environments. Groups like ALICE Training Institute and the Department of Homeland Security offer training resources for what to do in the event of an active shooter. Also, the National Weather Service provides resources for what to do in the event of severe weather. 

The right combination of training and tools can give teachers the resources they need to handle crisis situations and keep their student safe.




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