Prepare to Protect Your Campus From Nearby Threats


Keep People Safe Inside and Out

On a college or K-12 campus, threats outside of buildings can be just as dangerous as those within. Armed robberies at nearby businesses, fleeing fugitives, or police pursuits are all cause to keep people inside your building and out of harm’s way.

Campus Safety Magazine recently published an article outlining the steps one Los Angeles-area middle/high school took to deal with outside threats that approached school grounds. A suspect pursued by police ended up in front of the school. Security personnel were deployed and a lockdown was put in place using a pre-recorded message broadcast throughout the school. Police arrived soon after and the incident was resolved without harm coming to anyone on campus.

While the systems the school had in place worked as they were supposed to, administrators saw an opportunity to better leverage technology and training. Following the event, the school has increased the number of lockdown drills it conducts and improved internal and external communications through new speakers and a reverse 911 system.

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Leverage Emergency Notification Software

When an emergency occurs, emergency notifications should be sent over as many channels as possible. Only utilizing email or overhead paging rarely has the desired effect for making people aware of a desired situation. At the same time, it doesn’t benefit anyone to have to log into multiple systems to send the same message in a variety of ways.

With InformaCast emergency notification software, schools can reach everyone by sending messages in multiple formats to a variety of on-premises and mobile devices all from a single system. Being able to send live, ad hoc, or pre-recorded audio, as well as text and images as emails and SMS texts helps reach the maximum amount of people with critical information.

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Speak Directly with Police

Using InformaCast emergency notification software, schools can also directly connect with police radios to talk with law enforcement about threats inside or nearby schools. Having this direct line of communication helps remove the panic factor during emergencies. With InformaCast and Cisco phones, users can configure buttons on their phones that automatically send messages over police radio frequencies using the Cisco Instant Connect service. Messages can include a request for assistance, the name of the school and its address.

If a school does not have a direct line of communication to law enforcement, it can delay the response time. Without that communication channel, school officials need to dial 911 and speak with a dispatcher, who then needs to relay the information to an officer. This can add minutes to an officer’s response time, which can make all the difference in an emergency.

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