World Wide Technology Highlights InformaCast Digital Signage Integration with Appspace


Digital Signage Integrations

During an emergency, digital signage can be a powerful tool to help communicate safety information and let people within your organization know they need to take the proper precautions to stay safe. Singlewire offers a number of digital signage integrations with our InformaCast mass notification software to help spread messages throughout an organization during a crisis. But how exactly does that integration work?

Our partner reseller, World Wide Technology (WWT), put together a video with technical solutions architect Michael Jennings, to walk through the steps organizations can take to integrate InformaCast with our ecosystem partner Appspace to utilize digital signage for mass notification. 

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Bring Together Appspace and InformaCast

To integrate InformaCast with Appspace, users will need administrative privileges for both platforms. Using the Quick URL feature available within the InformaCast user interface, users can take the output from Appspace to create the Quick URL. This will tie the two systems together. Users can then name the notification and activate it. The same process can also be used to create an action that will turn off the notification.

Using the device groups feature within InformaCast, you can add the notification you just created. You can then go into message templates to create the message you would like associated with the notification delivered to Appspace. InformaCast gives organizations the flexibility to customize messages for whatever kind of scenario they are likely to encounter. The device group that was previously established can then be associated with the message template. The notification can then be activated from within the InformaCast interface. When the event is complete you can stop the notification.

For organizations that do not grant administrative privileges to everyone, but still want to give people the ability to send alerts, InformaCast offers a wide range of triggering methods for mass notifications. One way to easily give people this ability is by configuring speed dials on a desk phone. Configured buttons on desk phones can be labeled for different emergency events, and only require someone to press the button to activate a mass notification that reaches Appspace as well as other devices and systems. This minimizes any delays between someone seeing a potentially dangerous event and alerting an entire organization.

Expand Your Ecosystem

Additional resources for integrating InformaCast with Appspace are available in the Singlewire Support Community. Keep in mind that digital signage is just one component of your mass notification ecosystem. Leveraging multiple devices and systems can help ensure that everyone receives critical information in a timely manner. Explore our ecosystem partner page to learn more about compatible devices and systems that enhance the speed and reach of your mass notifications




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