Cost Savings Tips for Implementing a Mass Notification System


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Safety initiatives can be expensive. It’s a simple and unfortunate truth that the tools that help organizations protect their people often come with a hefty price tag. When it comes to mass notification systems, organizations can sometimes see the cost as a barrier to implementation, or they go with a less expensive solution that doesn’t offer the features their organization needs to truly reach everyone.

This often puts organization leaders in difficult positions. Where do they get the budget they need to purchase these tools? How do they get the best value without sacrificing functionality?

In this blog post, we’ll offer cost savings tips to help your organization implement this critical safety tool while staying on budget.

Safety Should Be the Top Priority

It’s important to start by emphasizing the importance of safety. An organization has a duty of care to fulfill and should make it a top priority to protect its people. No one wants to put a dollar figure on a human life, but organizations have finite resources to complete projects. If your organization is running into issues, take a step back and consider the bigger picture. A mass notification system may seem like it has a large upfront cost, but take into account the costs your organization may incur if an emergency situation takes place. If you don’t have the right tools in place, if people miss important safety messages, if you can’t efficiently coordinate a response, people may be harmed. This could expose your organization to much higher costs than the safety tool that could prevent these things from happening.

Look at What You Already Own

A good place to start when looking for ways to save money is assessing the equipment you already own. When it comes to mass notification, desk phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage and mobile devices can all be used to help spread critical safety messages. Costs can begin to build when organizations need to purchase and install new equipment on top of the system they are implementing.

Look for a mass notification system that offers flexible integration options that will allow you to avoid purchasing new equipment. This will also add value to devices you’ve in which you’ve already invested.

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Getting Help from Other Departments

Often we encounter customers where a single department that has been tasked with selecting and implementing a mass notification system. This also often means that the cost is coming out of their budget. But safety should be everyone’s concern within an organization, so you should look for ways to share the cost. By bringing more people to the table, you can share responsibility, make a more comprehensive notification plan, and split costs to ensure your organization gets the best solution to help keep people safe and informed.

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Look at Different Service Levels

When considering different mass notification solutions, it’s important to assess your needs. Understand how you need to reach people and what kind of messages you need to send. Solutions are often licensed by user or devices, so you should also take stock of how many you’ll need to adequately reach everyone in your organization.

Mass notification vendors often offer different service levels and license packages to meet the needs of their customers. Selecting the right one will keep you from spending money on features and licenses your organization won’t use.

Follow these cost savings tips and download our Emergency Notification System Buyer’s Guide to help your organization find the right solution to share safety information during an emergency.




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