12 Advantages of Enterprise Digital Signage


The guest blog post was written by our digital signage partner, Visix.

Selecting Enterprise Digital Signage

Free digital signage. But is it, really? Oftentimes, companies give away their software, but the proprietary hardware that goes with it is expensive. Worse, the software features are limited and there’s no real services or support for the product. Even if it’s not free, but cheap, is that really the kind of digital signage you want?

To have a successful digital signage system, you need freedom, flexibility, and control. That requires an enterprise digital signage solution. Here are 12 advantages of using an enterprise solution over “free digital signage software” for organizations looking to deploy a system, or expand their digital signage to include everyone, everywhere.

1. Custom Layout Designs

Why let someone else dictate what goes on your screens? Instead of using low-quality free templates, leverage an extensive library of drag-n-drop widgets, WYSIWYG design options, and easy importing tools to create compelling screen layouts unique to your brand and audience. Instead of being limited by your software, you can have ultimate creative freedom to place whatever you want on screen, wherever you want it. Animated backgrounds, opacity controls, and professional typography tools can ensure your digital signs are always stunning.

If you don’t have time to create your own layouts, look for a provider that can offer a design team with a ready-made library artwork packs and content kits. You can also consider plug-n-play content subscriptions, or create custom designs to engage your audience.

2. Event Calendar Integration

Showing your event schedules on digital signs is one of the easiest ways to satisfy your audience and improve efficiencies across your organization. Being able to import data from popular calendar apps so you can show meeting and room schedules that are up-to-the-minute accurate is a feature most free options cannot offer. Look for a solution that lets you use whichever scheduling system you already have in place, like Microsoft Exchange, Exchange 365, EMS Platform Services, Google Calendar, CollegeNET, Delphi.fdc or I-Server.

3. Data-Triggered Content

Keep your audience updated in real-time with live data from a wide variety of sources. Enterprise digital signage solutions can seamlessly pull data into layouts, messages, and tickers using configurable drag-n-drop widgets. Show weather, RSS feeds, webpages, video streams, and more. You can also map to data in Excel, XML, and JSON sources for live data visualizations and KPI dashboards. With conditional logic options, you can have the software decide what data and artwork to show when – all without any user intervention. This takes the burden off your signage managers with auto-updating options that only have to be set up once, and then play all on their own.

4. Touchscreen Kiosking

People use touchscreens to get information every day, and interactivity lets you offer a deeper, more personalized signage experience. An enterprise solution with easy interactivity tools allows you to include touch and mouse-click hot spots to move to other layouts or launch external content for full-screen kiosking. Show wayfinding maps, directories, donor boards, menu boards, and more. You’re only limited by your imagination.

5. Desktop Preview and Playback

You shouldn’t have to wait until your designs are on the big screens to see them. You need to be able to preview your messages and layouts with live playback of data sources and animations. You can see a quick preview inside the Design application workspace, or launch full-screen playback on your monitor. If you have interactive elements, these are live for testing right on your desktop. View and experience exactly what your audience will see before you schedule it to go live to your digital signs.

6. Active Directory Authentication

Take advantage of the enterprise solutions you already have. With single sign-on authentication through Active Directory, your users don’t have to keep up with login names and passwords. Authentication is taken care of, so they can just focus on building engaging content, and administrators don’t waste time resetting credentials.

7. User Rights, Roles, and Access Management

Grant exactly the right level of privileges for each user by assigning either predefined roles or creating custom ones. Access to media players and playlists can be different for each department, each user, or even specific locations, and profiles can be quickly replicated as more people join in.

8. Organizations and Sub-Organizations

Why not shape your digital signage CMS to reflect the way your business is already organized? Enterprise digital signage solutions let you group user accounts and players by department, teams, locations – whatever works best for your organization. You can assign specific access and privileges to each and set up approval workflows so only appropriate content makes it onto your screens.

9. CAP-Compliant Alert Triggers

Enterprise digital signage solutions are built around Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standards and can easily integrate with third-party alerting suites like InformaCast mass notification software. Streamlined workflows let you override scheduled content with a few clicks – replace all messages on the entire system for widespread alerts or choose specific players to override for local alerts. No matter what happens or where you can send notifications and instructions to your audience in just seconds.

10. Room Sign Support

Why not extend your digital signage to meeting and conference areas? Publish event schedules, messages, alerts, and other media to interactive and e-paper room signs, so participants don’t miss important announcements and updates. You can fully customize the screen layout and choose which schedule data to display, and even include interactive elements, just like on the big screens.

11. Professional Training and Support

You should be able to talk to a human being when you need help. Enterprise products need to be backed by enterprise support. Certified trainers will get you up and running, and tech support specialists should be on hand to help troubleshoot issues. Consider customer satisfaction ratings and subscriptions that give you unlimited training and support. Or see if there is a custom support agreement option available to meet your needs.

12. Experts and Experience

Visix has been making great products since 1980, and we have a passionate, professional team dedicated to making your digital signage implementation a success. Whether it’s configuration, consulting, or creative support you need, we’re here to help you communicate better. We believe in service before, during, and after the sale. And, in addition to our paid services, we have free online help, FAQs, blog articles, videos, white papers and more to help you launch, maintain and optimize your digital signage system for higher audience engagement and measurable return on your investment.

It’s an aphorism that you get what you pay for, but with Signage Suite you know that your money is well spent. You know exactly what you’re getting and what the costs are upfront, and you can easily expand the system in the future.

The number and variety of features make this an optimal choice for any organization that wants an enterprise solution, and the services and support are unmatched. Even if your budget is limited, think about how much you’ll spend in time and money trying to fix a limited system.

Knowing what’s possible with an enterprise digital signage solution, why would you settle for anything less?

Visix, Inc., offers enterprise-class digital signage software to reach your employees, students, and visitors with real-time updates wherever they are. Send messages, media, and emergency notifications from Singlewire to screens when and where you need. Learn more about Visix and how you can use digital signage to inform, educate, and engage at www.visix.com.

About the author

Derek DeWitt is a Communications Specialist for Visix, Inc. He researches, writes, and creates blogs, guides, white papers, and videos providing expert advice and best practices for digital signage users. He joined the company in 2016 and has over 25 years of writing and communications experience. His passion is creating informative educational resources to help digital signage users communicate better.




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