Coming Fall 2020: Mass Notification Failover for InformaCast Fusion


Mass Notification Failover

During an emergency, the last thing you want is for your communication system to fail. Being able to share information that alerts people about events and provides instructions on how to stay safe is crucial when trying to protect your people. But if your network goes down, or your notification system fails, you could be putting people and property at risk. You need to ensure that messages will reach the right people with the right information, no matter what happens.

Singlewire Software has addressed these needs with distributed activation and survivable remote site notification (SRSN), and in August we will add a third component to increase the dependability of our solution with server failover for InformaCast Fusion. In this blog post, we’ll preview how this new feature will work and how organizations can take advantage of it to ensure they can still send out mass notifications even during catastrophic events.

High Availability

InformaCast Fusion has high levels of resiliency built into the cloud infrastructure. To address the potential for network or hardware issues in your environment, Fusion failover works by having two InformaCast Fusion servers deployed at separate data center locations. One houses the primary InformaCast Fusion server, while the other houses the backup. If the data center housing the primary Fusion server goes down, it would be detected by the InformaCast Fusion cloud infrastructure. The InformaCast Fusion cloud infrastructure would notify the backup InformaCast Fusion server, which would then activate and take over the primary functions of the server pair. If the Internet connectivity for both InformaCast Fusion servers fails, local communication will be used to determine which server should be active. This is possible because InformaCast Fusion utilizes a hybrid-cloud architecture rather than relying only on communicating directly from server to server. This ensures that your organization will be able to continue sending InformaCast broadcasts.

Fusion Failover is included as part of our High Availability offering that includes distributed activation, to distribute the notification workload, and SRSN, which places an InformaCast Fusion server at a site (either as a virtual or hardware appliance), so notifications continue to operate during an outage. For large enterprises and other organizations, these are mission-critical components that are required to ensure they are taking every possible measure to protect their people. With High Availability deployed, organizations can continue to send live, ad hoc, and pre-recorded audio, as well as DialCast, bell schedules, and more, to thousands of IP devices even during a data center outage.

Mass Notifications to Reach Everyone

InformaCast Fusion offers organizations the most complete offering for reaching all of their on-premises and mobile devices with mass notifications that keep people safe and informed. From a single interface, users can connect and send messages to IP speakers, IP phones, desktop computers, digital signage, mobile devices, and other tools that help communicate critical alerts during emergency situations. By adding high availability, your organization will be able to leverage a solution that is built to withstand outages and keep sending updates to the people that need them most.

Contact our sales team to learn more about how to optimize your InformaCast Fusion architecture for maximum mass notification performance and resiliency, using the three pillars of the InformaCast Fusion High Availability offering.




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