Leveraging High Availability and Phone Styling for K-12 Emergency Notification


Enhance Safety and Communication

Singlewire Software recently released several critical updates to its InformaCast emergency notification system. For K-12 schools and districts, these updates can enhance their ability to send critical messages during emergency situations. A school’s number one priority should always be the safety of its students, so having tools that can deliver effective emergency communications is of paramount importance. In this blog post, we’ll walk through how the latest InformaCast updates can help K-12 schools enhance safety and communication during emergency events.

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Deploy High Availability

If a network link goes down within a district, the schools still need the ability to send emergency notifications. The InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance can be deployed, one per building, to ensure messages can be sent and received if the network goes down.

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Customize Phone Messages

One of the most important steps to take when sending an emergency message is making sure the information being shared is clearly communicated. One way to embed clarity is to use color coded messages. Emergency notifications sent from InformaCast to Cisco IP phones can now display text with customizable background and text foreground color. This can help differentiate alerts so the people that receive the message can easily identify what kind of scenario is taking place. K-12 schools can designate different departments, school leaders and situations with their own colors so people on the receiving end quickly register who the message is coming from.

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Schedule Bells

While it’s not a new update, our bell scheduler feature for InformaCast Advanced is used in K-12 schools across the country to help manage schools bells throughout the year. This helps provide consistent communication, and can act as a daily test for a school’s InformaCast system. Daily testing like scheduled bells can provide schools with the confidence they need to know that InformaCast reach the right devices and people when it matters most.

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Plan Throughout the Year

School safety should always be top of mind. That’s why we’ve put together an eBook to help K-12 schools plan an execute projects to enhance safety and communication throughout the year. Download our 12-month K-12 safety guide to learn more.




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