Deploying Mass Notification in Law Offices


Mass Notification for Law Offices

No organization is immune from emergency events disrupting operations. Severe weather, violent intruders, and medical emergencies can all put people at risk. However, certain organizations may not have the right tools in place to address safety issues and communicate information that keeps people out of harm’s way.

We’ve recently seen an influx of inquiries from law offices and other legal firms looking for solutions that helped them address common emergency situations and share information with all of their staff. With a workforce that is not always in office buildings, it’s important to be able to reach people via remote and on-premises methods. In this blog post, we’ll outline how law firms and other legal practices can deploy mass notification solutions to help enhance safety and communication.

Using Notification Tools Within a Law Office

An easy way to begin leveraging mass notification is by utilizing tools already place in many law firms. Desk phones in offices, cubicles, meeting rooms, and reception areas can all be used to broadcast audio alerts to let people know an emergency is taking place. They can also be used to configure virtual panic buttons that make it easy to trigger alerts. Notifications to desktop computers can also be used to interrupt ongoing work and grab people’s attention. Flashing lights and digital signage can also help provide visual alerting elements to make people aware of an ongoing crisis. This can also help alert people visiting law offices, like clients, about an event.

Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams that may be used in law offices for daily communications can serve as additional endpoints for mass notifications. It’s important to deliver mass notifications to the tools and devices people use regularly so they see messages quickly and take action. These collaboration tools can also be used for ongoing incident management. Key stakeholders can gather in virtual spaces to assess the situation and determine next steps.

Reaching People While They’re Mobile

In some cases, it may be necessary to reach workers when they are not at the office. Court dates, client visits, and traveling to other offices in the area may require people to be away from their desk or outside the building. Mass notification that reaches remote workers on mobile devices can help prevent people from returning to the office where an incident has occurred, or alert them about an event happening wherever they are.

Mobile notification options from a mass notification system can include SMS text messages, emails, push notifications, and audio messages. These notifications can be triggered at the same time as on-premises alerts so everyone receives information at the same time. This also gives law offices more complete reach by leveraging multiple channels to keep everyone informed.

Understanding Mass Notification Use Cases

Every organization is different, but effective emergency planning comes from understanding the different events that disrupt operations and put people at risk. Geographic location, the size of an organization, and the number of locations it has can all impact what kind of plan needs to be developed. Consider potential threats, who needs to be alerted and the best alerting methods. Build message templates and groups to share relevant information with the right people so everyone can stay safe. With a mass notification system, law offices can protect their employees and clients from potentially harmful events.




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