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Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide

Any technology purchase can be challenging, but when it comes to tools that help keep people safe, you need to know you’re making an informed decision. You might be able to review a vendor’s website and see what they offer, but transparency sometimes only goes so far. You also need to know the questions you need to ask that may make the difference when finding the right solution.

A mass notification system offers the ability to reach people quickly with critical safety information, but the capabilities of different solutions can vary wildly. It can be difficult to understand the difference between solutions and even harder to know what’s going to work best in your environment.

That’s why we originally compiled our mass notification buyer’s guide, and over the course of the year we’ve gathered additional resources and insights to provide even more value to prospective customers. Our 2019 buyer’s guide offers all of the information included in the previous iteration in addition to five new sections to help answer frequently asked questions and give you details you need to make the right selection.


This updated edition of our buyer’s guide includes new topics and resources such as:

This free guide is available for download at the link below. Give it a read, then contact our sales team for more information about purchasing the right mass notification system to help keep your people safe and informed.

Download the Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide




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