2021 Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide Now Available


2021 Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide

2020 has highlighted the importance for organizations to have tools in place to easily communicate with their people whether they are on-premises or remote. Without the ability to easily share information with large groups of people, organizations leave themselves exposed to confusion, downtime and risk the well-being of their team. But finding the right technology can be challenging. Now, more than ever, time and resources are limited, so organizations can’t afford to waste either.

That’s why Singlewire Software has updated its mass notification system buyer’s guide to help organizations easily select the right solution, so they’re prepared for the new year. The 2021 Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide offers tips and guidance for selecting the right communication solution for your organization.

This free eBook can be downloaded immediately at the link below and has new sections to help make your decision-making process easier than ever. New sections for the 2021 edition include:

  • Examining the tools you already have in place for emergency communication,
  • Eight questions to ask before buying a mass notification system,
  • And considerations for when to implement your system

These sections add to the eBook’s in-depth collection of other helpful resources, including:

  • 12 questions to ask during your mass notification demo,
  • Cost-saving tips when shopping for a solution,
  • And a mass notification comparison worksheet so you can determine the best tool for your needs


Demo and Free Trial

Once you’ve read the guide, take advantage of the other resources available on our website. Singlewire Software offers an 8-minute on-demand video demo of our software available 24/7 for you to understand how your organization can use InformaCast to enhance safety and communication. For mobile alerting to

If your organization needs to get a solution up and running quickly, consider signing up for a free trial of our InformaCast Mobile offering. This mobile-only alerting solution can send mass SMS text messages, push notifications, emails, and recorded audio messages to mobile devices. This will help you see first-hand how your organization can benefit from a mass notification solution and provides a simple pathway for expanding rollout to your entire organization and adding on-premises notification capabilities.

Don’t let another year pass without having the solutions you need to keep your people safe informed. Utilize the resources for Singlewire Software to speed up your decision-making process to find the right tools.




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