InformaCast User Groups Highlight Mass Notification Use Cases


User Groups Provide Insight

This past fall, Singlewire Software held a number of user group meetings across the country and online to connect with customers about new InformaCast features, share success stories from their peers, and preview upcoming developments to the InformaCast software that will continue to offer a cutting-edge user experience. To help better inform the content of those meetings, we conducted surveys, sent to attendees prior to the events, asking them a variety of questions about how they use InformaCast for mass notification. While this is a small sample size of our total customer base, the results shed some interesting light on what situations organizations are preparing for, the most effective communication channels, and how often organizations are using the system. In this blog post, we’ll share the most relevant results of the survey data surrounding these three topic areas.

Mass Notification Frequency

The survey asked current InformaCast customers how often they are using their system. Over 40 percent responded that they are using it daily. With around 10 percent each saying they use it weekly or monthly. This highlights organizations finding regular uses for InformaCast beyond emergency situations. Finding non-emergency uses helps provide better ROI for the system and offers a less intrusive means of testing the system to ensure it is working as intended.

Mass Notification Use Cases

InformaCast is used by organizations to keep people safe and informed about a variety of different events. Nearly 70 percent of respondents are using InformaCast to help share information in the event of an active shooter incident. This was closely followed by 62 percent of respondents who are using it for lockdowns. These two instances are closely tied together so it makes sense that a large portion of customers would be leveraging InformaCast for both.

Roughly 50 percent are using InformaCast to help share weather alerts. With its ability to monitor CAP feeds from the National Weather Service, InformaCast can automatically trigger alerts about severe weather. This is helpful for schools and businesses that might have normal operations disrupted by severe weather like blizzards, excessive heat or cold, and tornadoes.

We also saw roughly 40 percent of respondents say they were using InformaCast for school bells or other scheduled announcements. This lines up almost perfectly with the percentage of respondents who said they were using InformaCast on a daily basis. Scheduled, non-emergency announcements for events like shift changes, company meetings, or hospital visiting hours help people familiarize themselves with the system and can serve as a way to test the system on a regular basis.

Learn more about non-emergency uses cases

Mass Notification Channels

When it comes to delivering mass notifications, some interesting trends started to appear. The top two methods respondents use for mass notification with InformaCast are IP phones (73 percent) and overhead paging (66 percent). This highlights the importance of using intrusive audio notifications that capture people’s attention. Mass SMS text messaging puts the onus on the recipient to be checking their phone at the right time to be aware of a situation. Audio messages can interrupt ongoing activities and provide a more immediate method of alerting.

That being said, being able to reach people on mobile devices is still a key component of most organization’s mass notification strategies. The next two most popular methods for alerting were mass SMS text messaging (66 percent) and email (53 percent). Overall, we saw a wide variety of notification methods. We encourage our customers to use every alerting method available to help ensure that no one misses a message in the event of an emergency. This data reflects that many are taking that advice to heart.

Stay tuned for announcements on 2020 user group meetings to take advantage of hearing from InformaCast experts about how to get the most out of your mass notification system.

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