Mass Notification Pandemic Playbook Now Available


Mass Notification Pandemic Playbook

The COVID-19 pandemic made many organizations realize how unprepared they were for this kind of event. Many industries were disrupted by closings as they worked to determine the best path forward while keeping people safe. This led many organizations to turn to mass notification systems to help stay in touch with their people while they were remote. With the ability to send updates to on-premises and mobile devices, mass notification systems provide organizations a quick and easy way to reach everyone with the information they need to stay safe.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, we’ve been publishing blog posts with helpful tips on how mass notification systems can be used to help prepare for and manage pandemic events. We’ve now gathered these posts into our free to download Mass Notification Pandemic Playbook. Whether your organization is still trying to figure out the best way to respond to the pandemic, or do not want to get caught unawares again, this eBook will provide the information and strategies you need to minimize disruptions and protect your people.


Pandemic Topics Covered

Topics covered in the Mass Notification Pandemic Playbook include:

  • Why your organization needs a mass notification system
  • Managing remote workers
  • Moving from preparedness to management
  • Protecting facilities while people are away
  • Scheduling health and safety reminders
  • And more

Organizations that download the eBook will understand the benefits of adding a mass notification system to their environment and how to quickly implement these types of solutions even during chaotic times.

Mass Notification Free Trial

In addition to the eBook, Singlewire Software is offering a free trial of its InformaCast Mobile mass notification solution. Your organization can test this tool for 15 days with up to 1200 users to see how you can easily share updates that impact the health and safety of their people. With InformaCast Mobile, organizations can send SMS text messages, emails, and push notifications to reach their people via multiple communication channels. Administrators can trigger messages from anywhere using the InformaCast Mobile app on their device.

As guidelines and circumstances change, you need a flexible solution to adapt to any changes that may come your way. With the ability to prebuild messages and groups, you can anticipate any situations and rest easy knowing you’ll be ready to respond should an emergency occur.




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