Can InformaCast® Connect with My Fire Alarm System?

Fire alarm
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We’re often asked about the kinds of devices and systems InformaCast can integrate with. We recently covered the different device integration methods in a blog post but wanted to provide more in-depth insight into a particular system that we are frequently asked about: fire alarm systems.

For any organization, a fire alarm system is a critical safety tool, and it also has the advantage of being a tool most people are familiar with, whether they are part of the organization or a visitor. Having the ability to tie into an emergency notification system increases the chance everyone knows a fire is taking place and can provide additional details that can enhance safety.

Leveraging InformaCast for Fire Safety

The InformaCast emergency notification system can connect with devices like Cisco IP phones, computer desktops, IP speakers, and digital signage. It can also connect to contact closures, which means a fire alarm system control panel can act as an input trigger for emergency broadcasts. Contact closures can be added to InformaCast as input ports to trigger InformaCast broadcasts when they’re activated. The InformaCast M2M supports the Perle IOLAN DS1 D2R2, Perle IOLAN DS1 T4, and the Barix Barionet 50.

When the fire alarm system is triggered, in addition to activating sirens and strobes, InformaCast can trigger an emergency notification broadcast that is pre-built for fire situations. This can be sent over Cisco IP phones, overhead speakers, digital signage, and mobile devices such as SMS text messages, push notifications, e-mails, or phone calls. These messages can be as simple as telling people to evacuate or stay away from the building or providing more details on where they should go to stay out of harm’s way.

A full list of devices can be found on our technology integrations page. Explore our InformaCast page to learn how to leverage emergency notifications in your organization, and download our clear communication white paper for tips on managing a crisis situation.