University of Florida Uses InformaCast to Reach Students through Multiple Platforms

When two men with a gun were spotted on the University of Florida (UF) campus recently, it was InformaCast’s multi-platform functionality that allowed the school to notify students quickly and effectively.

School officials used the InformaCast system, which has been in place at UF for a year, to send notifications instantly to students via text message, and Twitter. This helped them reach as many people as possible.

“Some people might not get a text message, but they get the tweet,” said Bruce Floyd, UF social media specialist.

 First-year mechanical engineering graduate student Zhiwei Huang, 26, said he thinks the way UF sends its alerts is effective.

Huang said he doesn’t mind getting multiple messages during crises because they’re always about something important.

“It’s always good to know when something bad is happening around you,” he said.

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Quotes taken from “UF Utilizes Multiple Platforms to Alert Community,” written by Katherine Hahn for the Independent Florida Alligator.




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