IP Speakers: How to Set the Volume

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IP Speakers Give You the Individual Control Over Speaker Through a Web Interface, including the Ability to Control the Volume Level of Each Message Without Having to Adjust Each Individual Speaker.


Power over Ethernet IP speakers gives you individual control over speakers through a web interface. The ability to log into the InformaCast application to be able to click a simple drop-down, and modify the volume, without actually having to go on-site. So, in a traditional analog setting, what people would typically do is adjust the speaker volume, either at the individual speaker. They use these things called “tabs”, that you can adjust from the volume up or down or they have to do it at the amplifier level, which affects all the speakers in that zone.

So the ability to get individual volume control on an individual device is extremely important at that point.

So, just an example of this. So, for a school, you could actually set the volume levels for each classroom, if each classroom had an IP speaker in it. Exactly. And no longer does someone have to travel on-site to make that change. And you can it has those changes remotely too with that individual user to have control for that.

The other thing too, is that, in some classrooms and our traditional old school, they may have volume control in that classroom. And sometimes teachers will actually turn that all the way down and then their bells don’t ring, so we actually, in a good way, take volume control out of their capabilities and we put it back into the infrastructure.

Also, in our software, we have the ability to override some of the play volume settings. So, different messages could have a higher volume setting. So we have this concept in our messages of maximum, medium, and low volume and if you set it to the maximum, it actually increments that volume up higher.

So if it’s a bell, maybe, you’re gonna play it at their higher level. If it’s just a general day-to-day announce that we play it at that medium level and if it’s something that doesn’t need to play at a higher level, you could do it at a low. So we have a lot of different volume control in the software and on the individual speaker.

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