WHITE PAPER: Clear Communication During a Crisis

Crisis Communication & Notification System

Learn from Past Mistakes

No matter how well prepared people may think they are when an emergency occurs, unexpected events can lead to disaster. Misinformation can derail even the best-made plans, and lack of awareness can put people in unnecessary danger.

In our new white paper, we examine recent events that have been impacted by misinformation. From terrorist attacks to school shootings and severe weather, efforts to keep people informed have been hindered by technical and user errors. This white paper looks at different strategies organizations used to manage emergencies and the issues they experienced when tragedy struck. You’ll be able to assess the current procedures in place within your organization, identify weaknesses, and deploy best practices to ensure successful communication.


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Plan for Any Scenario

The world presents an ever-growing number of challenges that make it close to impossible to anticipate and prepare for emergencies. However, with this white paper, readers will understand the obstacles other organizations have faced and how to overcome them.

Topics covered in this white paper include:

  • Preparing for an Uncertain World
  • Utilize What You Have
  • Testing Ensures Effectiveness
  • Contact People Using the Right Channel 
  • Social Media Can Help and Harm
  • Best Practices for Clear Communication

Use InformaCast to Aid Communications

InformaCast from Singlewire Software helps aid communications by giving organizations a single system to utilize for mass notifications. With the ability to reach multiple devices with a variety of message types, InformaCast can be customized to respond to any situation.

When time is of the essence, InformaCast takes the guesswork out of how to reach everyone. With the press of a button, messages can be sent throughout a building, campus, or designated geographical area to alert everyone when an incident occurs. For more information about how to use InformaCast in your organization, visit: www.singlewire.com/informacast.




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