Prepare Emergency Communications for Winter Break and Beyond

Emergency School Bell Notification System

Know Who is On Campus      

As the semester comes to a close, colleges and universities are working to make sure students get home safely, and campuses are secured for winter breaks. However, some students will be back sooner than others as some institutions offer shortened winter terms to help students catch up or get ahead in their studies.

With a limited number of students, faculty and staff on campus during this time, it may not make sense to have the same emergency notification plan as the rest of the year. Understanding who is on campus and what kind of situations can occur during this time help keep everyone safe and informed. But the students and faculty who won’t return until the semester officially begins may not need to be notified at the exact moment an incident occurs.

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Build the Right Group

With InformaCast from Singlewire Software, users can send emergency notifications to mobile and on premise devices to reach everyone when a crisis occurs. InformaCast also gives users the ability to create groups and designate zones to fit their needs. On college campuses this is used to reach every building, office, and person with critical information. During winter terms though, certain buildings may be closed, and large numbers of student and staff may not be on campus. 

Through InformaCast, administrators can set up groups specifically to reach those people, buildings and devices that will be in use during the winter term. This helps get the right information to the right people in the event of an emergency. It also prevents messages being sent to unnecessary parts of campus, and alerting people who would be unable to assist with the situation.

Determine the Situations

Winter terms can be a quiet time on campus, but identifying potential emergency events can help keep everyone safe. Severe weather such as extreme cold or blizzards have the potential to shut down campuses, and unwelcome intruders can appear at anytime. Understand the messages that may need to be sent and who they should be sent to. If a situation warrants a wider notification, expand the send to include the groups that are used throughout the rest of the year.

Assess for the Rest of the Year

The end of the semester is also a good time to review your emergency communication plan. Examine what has been working and what can be improved. Use the winter break to test new procedures, features and scenarios and work on implementing new ideas throughout the rest of the year.

InformaCast is frequently updated with new features that improve the user experience and offer the latest means to provide critical information to the people who need it, quickly. For more information on how to get the most out of using InformaCast visit:




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