2022 Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide

Download the 2022 Mass Notification Buyer's Guide

Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide

Safety and communication have never been more important, nor has it been more difficult for organizations to sort through the marketplace to find the right solutions that meet their needs. To keep their people safe and informed, many organizations add too many solutions that do too many different tasks. Finding the right solution takes time and research, and as technology evolves, organizations need to bypass assumptions about what specific tools can do so they can accurately assess similar systems. This is particularly true regarding mass notification as new developments, integrations, and feature sets have surpassed the simple mass paging capabilities most organizations associate with these tools.

Singlewire Software has completely overhauled its Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide to reflect the current state of the marketplace. This free eBook has been reorganized into easy-to-digest sections, guiding buyers through every step of their decision-making process. It also includes brand-new content addressing the role critical event management is beginning to play with mass notification.

Click the link below to get your copy and begin understanding what’s changed, what’s been improved, and what is non-negotiable when selecting a mass notification system. New sections in the 2022 edition include:

  • Understanding how your organization manages emergencies
  • How to use mass notification to improve daily operations
  • And what kind of level of support to expect from the vendor you select

These sections add to the eBook’s in-depth collection of helpful resources, including:

  • Cost-saving tips when shopping for a solution
  • 12 questions to ask during your mass notification demo
  • And a mass notification comparison worksheet so you can determine the best tool for your needs

Get The Answers You Need

Once you’ve read the guide, explore the other resources on our website for organizations looking at mass notification solutions.

Request a demo of our InformaCast software to enhance safety and communication. Our team is ready to help answer any additional questions you may have.

Keeping people safe should be any organization’s top priority. With the 2022 Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide, you can sort through the wide variety of solutions available, ask the right questions, and have confidence in making an informed purchasing decision.