Visitor Aware® Product Guide


Visitor Aware is a visitor and safety management solution that offers a suite of tools to help organizations identify potential threats, account for people during emergencies, and conduct safety drills. In this product guide, you will understand the full capabilities of Visitor Aware and how it can help your organization protect its people during daily operations and critical situations by ensuring they have the information they need to keep everyone safe.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • The Visitor Aware Difference
  • Visitor Management
  • Safety Drill Management
  • Hardware Recommendations
  • Mass Notification Compatitiblity
  • Administration and Usability
  • Architecture and Security
  • Professional Services
  • And more!

Visitor Aware also offers several tools specific to schools and districts, including student and bus management capabilities. Download the guide for your industry below. If you want to see how Visitor Aware could benefit your organization, request a demo or contact our team with any questions.