Digital Signage

InformaCast compliant IP speakers, using Singlewire's patented IP speaker protocol, provide unmatched scalability and functionality. 

Digital Signage

While there are many digital signage vendors on the market today, the chances are good that InformaCast can send to your digital signs, displaying the text of the InformaCast broadcast. InformaCast provides standard methods of communication that other systems can use: CAP (common alerting protocol), RSS, HTTP, or by a JavaScript, depending on the signage software manufacturer.

Access each vendors product and support page in the Singlewire Support Community.


Adaptive Display Solutions

Text Alert System Mass Communication

Arreya Digital Signage Suite


IT Alerting School Bell System

Carousel Digital Signage

Corum Digital


Four Winds Interactive

Emergency Outdoor Mass Notification

Inova Solutions Digital Signage


Navori Labs Digital Signage

Ping HD Digital Signage

Digital Signage Solutions


REACH Media Network

Rise Vision Digital Signage

S.A.M Digital Signage


ScreenCloud Digital Signage

ViewSonic Digital Signage

Mass Crisis Communication System



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