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Customers who use 101VOICE call control and 101VOICE desk phones can follow these instructions to integrate with InformaCast Fusion to establish a two-way intercom with an InformaCast speaker registered to the Fusion server.


This document is meant to give a reference configuration for how these platforms can be integrated.

  • a VoIP telephone service account with 101VOICE
  • An available telephone line in your 101VOICE account, used for SIP registration by the Fusion server (if you need to add a telephone line to your account, please contact your 101VOICE sales rep)
  • One or more IP speakers registered to the Fusion server

Information to Gather before configuring the Fusion server

  • the telephone line number*
  • the telephone line password*
  • an extension/feature code for each IP speaker*
  • the public IP address of your Fusion server
  • the private IP address of your Fusion server (if behind NAT)

* If you need assistance obtaining this information, please contact 101VOICE Support


Follow the detailed steps in the 101VOICE_Integration (pdf) to configure the Fusion Server, 101VOICE Settings, and Firewall settings.

Additional documentation, see InformaCast Fusion User Guide for adding Individual IP speakers

Support Details

Call: 855-ALL-VOICE (Toll-Free)
Email: [email protected]