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Early Warning Labs (EWL) is America’s proven leader in Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) and a proud official partner of the USGS and ShakeAlert™ EEW Project. Through a proprietary SaaS platform and hardware interface, EWL can deliver up to 60 seconds of warning and put building systems into “safe mode” (such as elevators, gas lines, and machinery) before the deadly shaking strikes a clients facility.

EWL is the only trusted partner with a robust past performance track record of providing EEW alerts and system automation to hospitals, cities, public safety agencies, corporations, school districts, and transportation authorities in the USA. EWL is also the only private industry EEW provider with a Commercial License to operate from the USGS. EWL can integrate these lifesaving EEW alerts and system automation within any public or private organization through a combination of software and hardware solutions.

Product Information

Website: https://earlywarninglabs.com

Contact Early Warning Labs at (424) 238-0060 or email [email protected]

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