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Rhombus helps organizations modernize and scale their security operations with a cloud-based platform that streamlines tech stacks with the ability to manage cameras, access control, alarms, sensors, and integrations. When integrated with InformaCast, Rhombus devices can initiate broadcasts about critical events. For example, if motion is detected on a Rhombus camera, it will initiate an InformaCast notification that can be delivered as text, audio, and visual alerts to connected devices and systems. Desktop and mobile alerts will include a URL to view the camera feed, so recipients can see what happened and determine how best to respond.


This integration strengthens InformaCast’s threat detection capabilities while expanding Rhombus’s notification and incident management capabilities. This includes:

  • Providing better real-time situational awareness for events as they unfold.
  • Creating a single unified interface for managing devices and responding to threats.
  • Integrating existing technologies to create an environment dedicated to safety.

Use Cases

Rhombus and Singlewire Software serve schools, businesses, hospitals, and other organizations looking to strengthen their safety and communication strategies. Together, these solutions help organizations address a wide range of threats and situations, including:

  • Intruders in restricted areas
  • Requests for assistance
  • Access control
  • And other serious crisis events


Access Rhombus documentation about InformaCast Integration Setup & Use

Access documentation to Perform a Rhombus Access Control Lockdown with the InformaCast API Connector

About Rhombus

Founded in 2016, Rhombus was one of the first companies in the world to develop cloud-based physical security at the enterprise level. Since pioneering cloud security cameras, we’ve continued to create new, innovative ways to serve our customers. From new product lines and services to new features rolled out at no cost, we’re proud to share our expertise and pave the way for modernized physical security.

Support Details

Rhombus supports integration with InformaCast. Visit Rhombus support at https://support.rhombussystems.com/hc/en-us.

You can contact Rhombus at [email protected] or +1 (877) 746-6797.

Additional information about this integration can be found at https://www.rhombus.com/integrations/informacast.