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From Mission Critical

InformaCast with Incident Management is mass notification and critical event management software that allows users to group all of their messages and resources under specific scenarios. When an organization encounters an event that could impact its mission critical operations, it can open the scenario and have everything it needs at its fingertips. This can include the initial alert, follow-up messages, and “All Clear” messages to signal the event has been resolved. Users are also able to upload relevant resources into the incident hub to help give safety team members all the information and assistance they require to easily manage the situation. This can include safety checklists; building floor plans; and links to external resources, like security camera feeds. When the incident is over, a report is created that allows users to review how the event was managed and inform future adjustments to ensure the most effective response possible.

The incident management capabilities add to the already robust mass notification software that gives organizations the ability to reach all of their on-premises and mobile devices with mission critical messages from a single interface.

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