Christopher Columbus High School Enlists AtlasIED, Singlewire for Campus-Wide Alerts

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FromCampus Safety Magazine

Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Fla., uses AtlasIED and Singlewire to ensure campus-wide alerts reach listeners both indoors and outdoors.

With a campus stretching across 24 acres and four major buildings, the private all-boys Catholic school ensures communications are broadcasted to all on campus by relying on AtlasIED and its IPX Series of IP Endpoints with InformaCast® Mass Notification Software from Singlewire®.

From the opening bell to the moment the last person leaves school grounds, the IPX Series drives communications between everyone on campus, according to a press release from the company. In addition to the daily bell schedules, meditations, announcements, intercom, and prayers, which can be live or pre-recorded and played directly from an administrator’s phone, AtlasIED’s IPX Series incorporates campus safety measures with the help of Singlewire InformaCast integration.

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