Managing Mass Notification: Combining Mobile and On-Site Notification Will Help Enhance Facility Safety.

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From Facility Executive

Messages can be configured for any kind of event an organization may encounter, including severe weather, lockdowns, evacuations, active shooters, medical emergencies, and more. Some tools even offer IoT integrations that can further secure facilities by shutting down production lines, locking doors, and performing other safety-related tasks.

Mobile Alert Advantage

While utilizing tools within a facility to share safety information is important, organizations can gain additional value when combining on-site notifications with mobile alerts. Protecting people within a facility may be the main priority, but mobile alerts offer several advantages when used in conjunction with on-site notifications. First, they serve as another channel for communicating an organization’s message. The more channels an organization uses, the less likely someone misses a message.

Second, in situations that are particularly dangerous, mobile alerts can keep people from entering a facility if they are outside. They can also be used to continue communication if a facility needs to be evacuated. This can help rally people to reunification points and reduce downtime by easily communicating “all clear” messages to let people know they can reenter a facility.

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