Singlewire Software Partners with IntelliSee to Add AI Video Surveillance to Its InformaCast Software

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Madison, Wis. – Sept. 13, 2023 – Singlewire Software, the leader in solutions that help keep people safe and informed, announces its partnership with IntelliSee, an AI risk mitigation platform, to add critical threat detection capabilities to Singlewire’s growing technology integrations. Combining IntelliSee with Singlewire’s InformaCast mass notification and incident management software will enable organizations to identify potential risks, notify the right people, and actively manage events to help facilitate a successful resolution.

AI is becoming a powerful tool for organizations to leverage when trying to enhance safety in and around their facilities,” said Paul Shain, president and CEO of Singlewire Software. “Adding IntelliSee to our technology partners helps organizations stay ahead of potential incidents while having the notifications tools to keep everyone informed as an event unfolds.

IntelliSee is an AI-risk mitigation platform protecting users against day-to-day risks, like slip and falls, while also protecting against potentially catastrophic threats, like active shooters. IntelliSee overlays with existing surveillance systems to actively monitor live camera feeds 24/7/365 to detect threats in real-time. Once detected, instant alerts provide users with situational awareness, so they can verify that an issue has arisen. Using InformaCast, organizations can then manage the event by sending text and audio notifications to alert everyone, or specific groups, like safety teams, who can respond to the situation. IntelliSee’s AI detects drawn guns, slipping hazards such as leaks or spills, fallen persons, trespassing, loitering, vehicles, and other risks.

Like Singlewire, we’re driven to make the world a better, safer place. While our AI is a powerful new tool in this effort, identifying an issue in real-time is only half the battle,” said Scott Keplinger, CEO of IntelliSee. “Combining our AI with InformaCast gives organizations an advanced toolset for alerting and intervening when seconds can be the difference between an incident and a tragedy. With our Singlewire partnership, organizations can manage IntelliSee’s alerts even more effectively and efficiently whether that’s letting someone know a spill or leak needs addressed or all the way to addressing the presence of a drawn weapon and many other risks in between.”

Intellisee and Singlewire Software serve schools, businesses, hospitals, and other organizations looking to strengthen their safety and communication strategies. To learn more about how InformaCast can help organizations manage crisis events, visit

About Singlewire Software
Singlewire Software, based in Madison, Wis., is the developer of InformaCast and Visitor Aware, two solutions that enable organizations to detect threats, notify everyone, and manage incidents. More than 5,000 organizations in over 80 countries use these tools to enhance safety and communication so they can protect their most important asset: their people. From screening visitors to sending alerts and handling critical events, Singlewire Software offers solutions for every safety challenge. To learn more, visit

About IntelliSee
IntelliSee is an AI risk mitigation platform helping schools, businesses, hospitals, and others strengthen their approach to organizational safety. Enabled by proprietary advances in deep-learning computer vision artificial intelligence, IntelliSee improves both real-time risk detection and response through an organization’s existing security and safety systems. The IntelliSee platform monitors for a continually expanding list of threats across an organization’s risk matrix. Learn more about its growing capabilities and see how IntelliSee provides Smarter Surveillance for A Safer World at