Class in Session: How Christopher Columbus High School Prioritizes Safety Through Technology Implementation

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Located in the western suburbs of Miami, Florida sits the prestigious all-boys, private Catholic school, Christopher Columbus High School (CCHS). Featuring a college preparatory academic curriculum, a powerhouse football and athletic program, and a distinguished alumni base including Fortune 500 CEOs, the school is continually evolving to attract, recruit, and retain some of Florida’s brightest minds. In fact, employing cutting edge technology and programs are of paramount importance to the recruiting effort for CCHS.

Founded in 1958, the campus features a unique infrastructural design that guides students, staff and guests to the school’s indoor gymnasium, auditorium, and collection of classrooms through a series of breezeways. Communicating news, updates, and directions to students, faculty, and visitors is critical during both routine school days and during and emergency situations.

With an expansive campus that stretches across 24 acres and encompasses four major buildings, the task of campus communication is no easy feat. To ensure campus-wide alerts reach listeners—both inside and outdoors—CCHS relies on AtlasIED and its IPX Series of IP Endpoints with InformaCast® Mass Notification Software from Singlewire®.

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