Singlewire Software Releases InformaCast® Fusion for Enhanced Emergency Communications

Singlewire Software launches InformaCast Fusion
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Madison, Wis – Mar. 28, 2017 – Singlewire Software, a leading mass notification technology developer, releases InformaCast Fusion, its new cloud-based emergency notification system. InformaCast Fusion sends text, audio, and images to mobile phones and on-premises devices such as desk phones, IP and analog speakers, desktop PCs, and digital signage.

InformaCast Fusion presents a new opportunity for distributing security and safety messages throughout organizations,” said Tim Green, vice president of software development for Singlewire Software. “Users will be able to reach mobile users and on-premises devices and manage situations in real-time.”

Building on 15 years of emergency notification experience, Singlewire’s new platform goes beyond the mobile-centric approach prevalent in the notification marketplace. InformaCast Fusion’s in-building capabilities increase the likelihood that everyone in an organization receives critical information, including visitors, contractors, and people in areas with poor cellular coverage.

This is a bold new direction for emergency communications,” said Paul Shain, president, and CEO of Singlewire Software. “InformaCast Fusion offers unparalleled speed and reach to get information into the hands of people who need it, whether they are at their desks or mobile.”

Messages can be prebuilt to address any situations, including fires and active shooters, to minimize interruptions to ongoing operations. To learn more about InformaCast Fusion and how it can bring together disparate devices for improved communication, visit