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Like everything in AV, mass notification systems have moved to the network, providing both integrators and end users increased flexibility, scalability, and customization. The K-12 market—where life safety is top priority—presents AV firms with the opportunity to address the need to deliver consistent, widespread messaging during emergency events.

AtlasIED, a communications solutions developer headquartered in Ennis, TX, offers the IPX Series, a family of networked IP endpoints including speakers, visual displays, and an IP-to-analog gateway that integrates with legacy systems.

To extend mass notifications beyond the school premises, AtlasIED offers Singlewire’s InformaCast software, which will deliver alerts to mobile devices off-premises. “The same consistent messaging that goes out to our IPX product can be deployed off-premise to any of the instructors that might be teaching remotely, any of the students that might need to be kept up-to-date on certain campus-wide events, but also parents and community members,” Sansivero explained. Both IPX and InformaCast offer seamless integration with VoIP and other networks.

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